Nepal Gold

Nepal Gold

This is Thai Gold renamed for Nepalese and Indian readers by my publishers  there because of the strong plot-and-action connection with Nepal. It’s also the third name (The Bangkok Collection/Thai Gold/Nepal Gold) and fourth publisher since this adventure-thriller first came out in 1987.  I’m a leg man and this one has great legs!

Set in South and Southeast Asia with jumps to New York, Nepal Gold  sweeps  the reader from the soaring heights of Tengboche Monastery in the shadow of Mt. Everest, down into the steamy jungles of the Golden Triangle, and through the bars, brothels and backstreets of Bangkok and Manila. Full of the seamy side of an ex-pat’s life in the East, this story will carry you around the world until you feel the jet lag.


Take your pick, there’s plenty to choose from in the book. Erudite it is not, informative it is.
Sam Wilkinson


This edition is only available in paperback from Pilgrims’ bookstores in Kathmandu and Varanasi.

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