Opium Dream

Opium Dream

Kublai Khan’s long lost tomb site is discovered  in Afghanistan’s Desert of Death!  Adventurer Lee Rivers is sent in to recover the greatest find of his career as an antiquities collector.  He never expected  it would  lead to  entrapment in a  brilliant conspiracy to destroy  Western civilization!

Why people are trying to kill him in Saigon and his Bangkok home, Lee Rivers can’t guess.  Until he finds out, the assignment getting him out of Thailand is just what he needs—though he never expected to fall for  the beautiful and capable Meow, his  hastily hired bodyguard.  She  clearly reciprocates his feelings. So why does he discover her crying alone?

When he finds out after  continuous attempts on his life ranging across half the world,  the news is as devastating  as his simultaneous discovery that he’s been sucked into  a terrible conspiracy. Does he have time to save the world? Does he even want to save his relationship with Meow?

Opium Dream is the second book in the Lee Rivers action-adventure series. If you like riding a roller coaster of fast-paced action, exotic locations and a sizzling love story  from a writer most often compared to Clive Cussler,  Jason Schoonover is for you.

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I had to ask for a late checkout from the Amari Watergate Hotel because I could not possibly wait to read the last two chapters later at home! Riveting read…one helluva good yarn. Get it! You will enjoy it. Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

This simply is a great book.
Brian Callaghan, Manhattan editor

Jason Schoonover is among a small handful of authors who inspired me to become a writer…the master of the multi-layered climax.
 Jack DuBrul, co-author with Clive Cussler of six novels and of his own Philip Mercer series.

Great sense of characterization.
Bangkok Metro

Review: www.pattayamail.com/510/bmm.shtml
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