Thai Gold

Thai Gold

High in the Himalayas a Buddhist monk is savagely murdered,  his monastery ransacked and stolen is  Asia’s  most sacred icon: the jewel-encrusted  head of Gautama Buddha.  When a wealthy client calls on adventurer Lee Rivers to track down the priceless treasure, he  doesn’t expect to be pitted against ruthless  drug traffickers, bloodthirsty Sikhs, cold-blooded   Russian agents, a relentless CIA operative and more—all also determined to recover the head at any cost!

Rivers enjoys  his life of high  adventure,  collecting for the lucrative  antiquities market.  He  also enjoys  Bangkok’s infamous nightlife—that is until  he falls  for Tysee, a  sensual a-go-go girl. Rivers knows  she is  the daughter of a violent drug warlord; he doesn’t know that she carries other baggage  that threatens to break his heart.

Together, they race from The Golden Triangle, though the bars, brothels and backstreets of Bangkok and  Southeast Asia, desperately trying to stay a step ahead  of  blood-thirsty pursuers. Will he succeed in returning the head to its rightful owners? Equally, will his heart be shattered? The multi-layer climax will take you completely by surprise.

Thai Gold is  Jason Schoonover’s  first book in  the Lee Rivers action-adventure series  which launched The Bangkok School of Writing and which was first published as a Bantam international bestseller.

With vivid realism and imaginative brilliance, real-life adventurer/author Jason Schoonover has written a riveting tale of nonstop action, sizzling romance, and taut suspense  unlike anything you’re ever read before. If you like Clive Cussler, you’ll love Jason Schoonover who he’s most often compared to.

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Tour de force…accurate to a fault…a major writer of the Southeast Asian scene
Bangkok Post

The book I’ve most reread is Thai Gold by Jason Schoonover
Jack Du Brul, co-author with Clive Cussler, and author of the Philip Mercer series.

Stands heroically un-PC in a literary world
Bangkok Nation

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