The Manila Galleon

The Manila Galleon

The Manila galleon was the richest  treasure ship sailing between Acapulco and Manila for 250 years. The Manila Galleon is two adventure-thrillers dovetailing chapter-by-chapter—one in 1704, the other today.  Protagonists in each—one an innocent young privateer from the frontier town of New York;  the other a jaded National Geographic writer  from modern Manhattan—share a mystery: trying  to understand the purpose of a mysterious statue aboard a treasure ship. In the past, it is possessed by a Jesuit with  world-shaking ambitions. The stakes are equally high on the modern side—a fortune in treasure.  If  Muslim  terrorists seize it, the Religious World War will explode to unimaginable levels. Will either succeed?

Jan  Van Larmancaller has no choice but to join a pirate ship—the handsome lad has to escape a father furious for getting his daughter into  trouble. But   it follows him from one disaster to another, and twice smitten young women try to save his life.  Chase Ballantyne isn’t  looking for love but he may find it with Liana Eastlake,  the strong willed photographer assigned to him.

Chase and Jan  face nonstop  attempts on their lives,  betrayal, greed, and  challenges beyond belief,  with both, literally, fighting to keep their heads above water.

Past and present collide in a multi-layered climax that will  take you totally by surprise  as fiction transcends the form and restores  a   mythologized figure  to his rightful place in history. The Manila Galleon is a non-stop, double-barreled, action-adventure  by real life adventurer/author Jason Schoonover most often cited by readers as his best book, and unlike anything you have  read—anthropologically and archaeologically as well as historically accurate.

Board The Manila Galleon now for the adventure(s)  of your life!

A major writer of the Southeast Asian scene.
Bangkok Post.

Jason Schoonover is among a small handful of authors who inspired me to become a writer.
Jack Du Brul, bestselling author of Pandora’s Curse and Deep Fire Rising and Clive Cussler coauthor

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