Westward from New Amsterdam

Westward from New Amsterdam

Westward from New Amsterdam : The Schoonover Epic: Thirteen Generations: One Branch, One Tree, One Forest

A Family History everyone can use—$25US if for an email link to the book (by Dropbox, but you don’t need the program to receive it) but $28US if for a DVD to cover shipping. The work is so massive it is impracticable to offer in hardcopy. You can pay through PayPal to jason@jasonschoonover.com or by mailing a money order (not a personal check as cross border bank charges are astronomical) to me at:

720 University Drive,
Saskatoon, Sask.,
S7N 0J4,

It includes the many famous Schoonovers and Van Vliets from historic writer Lawrence and illustrator Frank (Call of the Wild) to Jo Van Fleet who won an academy award for acting opposite James Dean in East of Eden, New York Mayor John Lindsay and General James Van Fleet among many colorful ancestors. Although this is a genealogical work I’ve researched since 1968, its almost 900 pages and 100-200 images (and growing) are of interest not only to all other Schoonovers, but to other genealogists of whatever name. For fellow Schoonovers, this is because of the massive detail about early generations we share since developer Klaus Van Schoonhoven clomped in his wooden shoes onto Government Wharf in New Amsterdam in 1652 (and his brother Guert soon after); for others not so fortunate as to be a Schoonover, this is because I hung behind this 350 year epic the historic backdrop placing these lives in context, thus breathing life into them. This material—thumbnail highlights every decade with period maps—you have my permission to use in the same manner verbatim for your own genealogical work. This work took me thousands of hours, dollars and miles to research, all well worth it.

For part of the Prologue, ordering information—and a period drawings of two actual homes Klaus built, please go to

Jay Schoonover of St. Charles, Missouri, runs our family website with a master tree containing over 20,000 names, making it one of the largest genealogical sites in North America. The home page is at http://sites.google.com/site/schoonoversinamerica/index. Jay can be reached at schoonovergen@gmail.com

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